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Two brands, multiple solutions.

With a multi-brand strategy, our platforms solve all the complexities from fiat to crypto to operate globally

Global Payments and liquidity

Ping processes real time cross-border payments and remittances with minimal cost and speed, enabling interoperability between traditional fiat and digital assets.

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Fiat Gateway

Latamex allows web3 companies to unlock express crypto purchases using local currencies in Latin America, by providing fiat-to-crypto on/off ramps and other benefits.

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Receiving US payments
has never been easier.

Today, remote workers need a complicated mix of solutions to be able to convert the funds they receive to local currencies. Many of these options are expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

Ping is a payment platform that arrived to solve the pain points of millions of contractors around the globe. Ping allow users to generate invoices to be sent to their employers or clients and receive USD payments, deposits and international transfers. And what is more, you can buy and sell crypto or withdraw your funds to your crypto wallet.

With Ping, entrepreneurs and freelancers in emerging markets are able to finally get paid with no hassle.

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The leading crypto
on and off ramp in Latam.

Latamex allows users to buy/sell crypto using a personal bank account and then send the digital assets to a decentralized wallet or any other partner app. With Latamex, Settle is building fiat-to-crypto infrastructure, with crypto liquidity and compliance features, so any web3 exchange wallet or DApp can expand operations and afford speed to market in Latin America.

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